New Zealand lottery Results

Find the latest New Zealand lottery results for the most popular lotto games: Lotto, Keno, Bullseye. Results are updated straight after each draw takes place, so you can be the first to check if you have today’s winning numbers. Check your tickets and find more useful information about NZ lotteries news or go to the archives to view the luckiest numbers of past draws.
Lotto numbers:
2 4 10 25 30 40
Strike numbers:
25 30 10 4
3 4 7 11 17 19 25 31 36 41 44 47 51 55 59 62 68 71 72 74
Winning number:
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If you’re looking for information on New Zealand-based lotteries - you came to the right place! Here you will find everything you could possibly need to know about the Lotto New Zealand.

The New Zealand Lottery Commission has been around since 1987 and has been trading as Lotto New Zealand since 2003. The oldest and most popular game of theirs is Lotto, and other games, such as Keno, Bullseye, Instant Kiwi and Play 3, were added along the way. However, Play 3 was discontinued in March of 2019. As of today, Lotto New Zealand has contributed to the Lottery Grants Board with over $4 billion and is going strong ever since.

Whether you are a beginner in lotteries or a long-time player, we cover all the topics on the Lotto New Zealand that you could possibly think of. For beginners, we have tons of useful information starting from the basic rules to when and where the live draw is broadcasted. If you’re a more advanced New Zealand lottery player and already know the basic rules, we have some important information for you as well, such as the latest results, the biggest wins in history, the most recent winners, winning combinations, and so on.

Plus, we also have a bunch of great (and free!) tools you could use to prepare for the next draw. These include a random number generator, a number analysis tool, a numbers most drawn calculator, a numbers last seen calculator, a numbers pairs tool, and a numbers triplets tool. Truly everything you could possibly need!

So, whether you are searching for the results from the latest Lotto draw or the most common numbers drawn in the Bullseye Lottery - we’ve got you covered. From the rules on how to play to special tools to help you pick your lucky numbers, we’ve got it all.

We cover the following New Zealand Lotto games:

Lotto results
Lotto results

Lotto is the most popular New Zealand lottery game, played every Wednesday and Saturday night at 8:20 pm and 8 pm accordingly. Offering a First Division jackpot of $1 million, the lottery has made thousands of New Zealanders millionaires and there’s no doubt why it’s so popular. To win the grand prize, you simply need to match all six main numbers drawn, each of them numbered from 1 to 40. The odds of winning are nearly 1 in 4 million, however, you can still win lower division prizes with matching as little as three main numbers.

Keno results
Keno results

With four draws taking place every day at 10 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm, Keno is one of the most active lottery games not only in New Zealand but in the world! Following the format of the popular bingo hall game, the goal here is to match your numbers with the numbers drawn. You can choose to play as many numbers as you’d like as well as how much to wager. That will determine your odds of winning and how much you can win!

Bullseye results
Bullseye results

Bullseye is also a daily lottery game, taking place every night at 6pm. You start by selecting any six-digit number between 000000 and 999999 and hope to get as close to the Bullseye number as possible. The closer your number is to the Bullseye number - the more you win! And if you match the exact Bullseye number, you win the First Division prize, which can range anywhere between $100,000 to $400,000.

So, feel free to pick any game and read all about it on our website as well as use our free tools to help you during the next draw. Good luck!