NZ lotto weekly review May 18-24, 2020

Hello everyone!
Hope all is well - we are really keen to share the results of lotteries in New Zealand with you. Just a reminder - all lotteries are available remotely, so you can safely gamble during the lockdown too. And now, let’s see what happened in New Zealand lottos last week (18-24 May).


As usual, the most popular lottery in New Zealand is split into three sub-divisions: Lotto, Strike! and Powerball. All of them occurred twice last week - there were the draws live on Wednesday (20 May) and Saturday (23 May).

Lotto results were both surprising and great last week. This time, Lotto and Strike! sections had jackpot winners; and Strike! got this after quite a while.. Elaborating on these, 1 player won the main prize worth $1M on Lotto on Wednesday and the Saturday draw had 3 winners who got $333K each. Considering the excellent results of Strike!, 1 player got the exact order of 4 numbers and landed the jackpot of $300K on Saturday. Although Powerball was not that successful due to zero jackpot and 2nd best prizes given away throughout the week, it would be wrong to claim the game did not go well at all. Over 50 players landed the 3rd best prize - this one was worth nearly $1,2K on Wednesday and $869 on Saturday. Congratulations to everyone once again!


Keno is another popular lottery which is on air 4 times per day and 7 times per week. Having a relatively large frequency gives more chances to gamble and win, as all players can be flexible there. The prize in Keno is ranging from only $1 to $250K. As it is quite similar to such popular games as bingo and uses multipliers to expand the prize, the lottery game could be suitable to absolutely everyone from beginners to experts.

Looking at all Keno results from the last week, the multiplier of each draw was fluctuating from 1.5 to 3. Also, the multiplier costs extra, but the odds for the exact ‘lucky’ multiplier are varying case by case.


Bullseye is also taking part everyday, yet focuses on a single lucky number to guess. The lucky numbers for the last week were these ones: 872,141, 532,164, 128,220, 135,364, 652,338, 914,348, 919,142

Therefore, the average result of the lucky number last week was worth 593,388. Even though it was one more week without the jackpot win, 1 player received the 2nd best prize worth $10K. Well done and congratulations!

Despite the lottery market in New Zealand being small, all games there are really fun and convenient to play due to their catch-all formats. Maybe it’s a good chance to try one or two yourself? But don’t forget to gamble responsibly, for sure.

Once again, congratulations to all winners and participants. Have a great week and see you next time!

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