New Zealand lotteries: review 2020.04.20-26

Hi everyone!
We really hope that you’re all doing fine and feeling well! Just a reminder one more time - many lotteries are currently available online, so there’s absolutely no need to leave home. We will ensure that you are updated with all lottery results during this period, which is still uncertain. However, let’s shift to the fun part there. We will present what was happening in lotteries across New Zealand last week (20-26 April).


One of the most popular lotteries amongst players in New Zealand is traditionally split into three parts: Lotto, Strike! and Powerball. All of these sub-games were played across two draws - they were live on Wednesday (22 April) and Saturday (25 April).

Unfortunately, this week was not that successful in comparison with the last one - only Lotto gave away the jackpot now. This time, 3 players were really lucky on Wednesday’s game while getting $333k each - congratulations. Nevertheless, we have some joyful moments to share apart from jackpots! For example, 1 player won the 2nd best prize worth $8,680 in Powerball! on Saturday’s draw - and it’s surely not the end. 62 players (31 on Wednesday and 31 on Saturday) got the 2nd best prize in Strike!, as they managed to collect the lucky order of 3. Congratulations to everyone and best of luck next week!


Keno is a lottery, present on a daily basis and delivering the draws 4 times per day (10 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM and 6 PM). As a result of this frequency, players interested in Keno are quite active. Also, the game is relatively easy to enter and play. Roughly speaking, it has many similarities to bingo.

When it comes to all Keno results from last week, the multiplier of each draw fluctuated from 1.5 to 10. Adding the multiplier to your ticket costs extra as well as the odds for each multiplier vary.


During the daily games of Bullseye lottery last week, the lucky numbers were as follows: 542,447, 239,300, 291,427, 803,462, 118,272, 384,784, 631,802

The average result of the lucky number giving the jackpot last week was 430,213. Differently from the last week, there were no jackpot winners, but we’re happy for 3 players who won the 2nd best prize of $10k each - congratulations on that!

The market for lotteries is not quite large in New Zealand, but games available are popular there due to their risk-free and easy format. Also, many lotteries are live every day - so it is not difficult to find suitable times and locations to participate.

Congratulations to everyone who played once again. We are excited to see you here next time! Have a great week and stay safe.

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