NZ lotto weekly review May 25-31, 2020

It was a long week, right? We hope you’re all doing fine. Just a reminder - all lotteries are available to play online, so you can easily avoid missing out there. We’re really excited to share the latest lottery results in New Zealand from last week (25-31 May). Let’s see what happened there!


All three subdivisions of the most popular lottery in New Zealand - Lotto, Strike! and Powerball - took place twice last week. These draws went live on Wednesday (27 May) and Saturday (30 May).

Lotto results were really good last week. This time, we had 7 players who landed the jackpot prize (3 on Wednesday and 4 on Saturday). The amounts each lucky player won were $333K and $250K respectively. Meanwhile, Powerball had a single jackpot winner last week, yet that particular result was absolutely impressive - the prize of $7M was acquired. For the comparison, the 2nd best prize was also won once, but this sum was much smaller - over $11K, Finally, the Strike! subdivision had the jackpot winner for the 2nd week in a row (which is supposed to be a rare occasion in particular). The lucky player got all 4 correct numbers in the order required, and this achievement brought them $300K. Congratulations to everyone - well done!


Keno is also a very famous lottery game in New Zealand - its popularity can be attributed to the fact this one is running on a daily basis. Moreover, Keno is available 4 times per day! Therefore, such a frequency makes all potential players more flexible - this leads to extra chances to win. The prize in Keno is ranging from only $1 to $250K.

Looking at all Keno results from the last week, the multiplier of each draw (what basically expands the sums won) was fluctuating from 1.5 to 5. Also, the multiplier costs extra, but the odds for the exact ‘lucky’ multiplier are varying case by case. Therefore, paying for the larger one doesn’t necessarily mean the guaranteed chance of winning more.


Similarly as Keno, Bullseye is also taking part 7 days per week. However, this game focuses on a single lucky number (from 000000 to 999999) to guess. The lucky numbers for the last week were these ones:
Monday, 25 May: 581,944
Tuesday, 26 May: 301,281
Wednesday, 27 May: 588,570
Thursday, 28 May: 197,458
Friday, 29 May: 453,249
Saturday, 30 May: 322,304
Sunday, 31 May: 37,074

The average result of the lucky number last week was 354,554. We’re excited to announce that after quite a while, the jackpot worth $285K was won on Tuesday - congratulations!

The lottery market in New Zealand is quite small, yet very easy to join. It’s a good chance to try your luck - of course, gamble responsibly!

Once again, congratulations to all winners and participants. Have a great week and let’s catch up next time!

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