NZ lotto weekly review May 11-17, 2020

Hello everyone!
We do really hope you’re fine! One more week has passed across the lotteries in New Zealand and we are keen to share those results with you. As there is no need to leave home while gambling (many lotteries are available remotely), we are happy to have you on board - for now, let’s check what happened last week (11-17 May).


The most popular lottery in New Zealand is divided into three parts: Lotto, Strike! and Powerball. All of them are ongoing twice per week - this time, we had the draws on Wednesday (13 May) and Saturday (16 May).

Last week’s Lotto results were even more impressive than seen for a while before. Both Lotto and Powerball sections had jackpot winners after a long period of time - congratulations! 3 players won the main prize on Lotto on Wednesday, receiving $333K each whereas the Saturday draw witnessed a single winner who landed $1M. Meanwhile, Powerball gave away the jackpot prize for 1 player on Wednesday - the lucky one got $10M! Following these impressive results, we really should give a credit to the Strike! division - although nobody got the main prize for 4 numbers in the exact order, 165 players got the 2nd best prize for 3 numbers - 103 of them won more than $10K! Such an amount for this type of prize has not been seen for a long time.


Keno is a lottery which is on air 28 times weekly, meaning that the chance to play falls 4 times per day throughout the whole week. Such a frequency is really beneficial for players due to convenient times there - more chances can be taken. Given the opportunity to increase the prize from only $1 to $250k, it is definitely an advantage. Also, Keno Lottery is quite easy to enter and play for pure beginners as it is quite similar to such popular games as bingo.

Regarding all Keno results last week, the multiplier of each draw was fluctuating from 1.5 to 3. The players can add the multiplier to their ticket for an extra cost, but the odds for the ‘lucky’ multiplier are always different.


Similarly as Keno, Bullseye takes part everyday. The lucky numbers for last week’s games were as follows: 446,703, 611,096, 687,917 111,281, 642,925, 344,071, 162,134

The average result of the lucky number last week was 429,447. Unfortunately, no one won neither the jackpot, nor the 2nd best prize (Division 2) - and the Division 3 prizes varied between $294 and $1,113. Well done and best of luck in future games - we are excited to see you there.

The lottery market in New Zealand is quite small, yet definitely easy to join due to the frequency and range of games. Why don’t try this activity at some point? And don’t forget to gamble responsibly.

Once again, congratulations to everyone who played and who won. See you next week!

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