Bullseye results

Check the latest Bullseye results and find out if you are a winner. The results are added here everyday shortly after each draw takes place at 18:00. Here you can find the additional information about all time winning numbers, including prize amounts and number of winners.

Latest draw

Winning number:
There were over 2,077 prize winners in this draw.
Winning number:
There were over 2,074 prize winners in this draw.
Winning number:
There were over 2,225 prize winners in this draw.
Winning number:
There were over 2,426 prize winners in this draw.
Winning number:
There were over 1,924 prize winners in this draw.

Bullseye launched in 2009 and is drawn daily at 6 pm. Offering a First Division prize of $100,000 or more, it has gotten quite popular among New Zealanders.

To play, you have to choose any six-digit number between 000,000 and 999,999, with the main goal of matching it with the six-digit Bullseye number to be drawn. If your number matches the exact number drawn - the First Division prize is yours!

However, it’s not an all-or-nothing kind of game. If you’re only 5 or fewer numbers off of the main number drawn, you’ll win the second-tier prize of $10,000. Plus, 999,999 and 000,000 are adjacent to one another. This means that if your number was 999,999, while the winning number was 000,003, you were only within 4 numbers of it and you win the second-tier prize. There is a total of six prize tiers in Bullseye.

How to play Bullseye?

Start by choosing any numbers from 0 to 999,999. The number has to be six digits long, so add zeros to the start if it’s not long enough. Fill up to three different numbers per ticket.

To win the First Division prize of $100,000 or more, you have to match your number with the exact Bullseye number drawn. While the odds may be quite slim, there are still five more prize tiers you could win. For example, the second prize tier is won, when you are within 5 numbers of the Bullseye number, with 999,999 and 000,000 being considered adjacent to one another.

Bullseye FAQ

Learn more about Bullseye lotto. Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the game.

The Bullseye draw takes place every day at 6 pm.
The results are available on MyLotto shortly after the draw, around 6:10 pm.
Ticket prices start from as little as $2 per line.
Bullseye tickets can be bought in-store and online through the Lotto New Zealand official website.
There is no age limit for playing Bullseye. However, if you are using an online concierge service to buy tickets, you are required to be 18 years or older.
Yes, you can buy the tickets through an online concierge service.
To win the First Division prize in Bullseye, you have to match your number with the exact Bullseye number. However, lower prize divisions can be won by being within at least 50,000 numbers of the Bullseye number on either side.
If you choose a number that is less than 050,000 or more than 949,999 - you are not left out and can still be within 50,000 numbers either side to win a prize. In the Bullseye rules, the numbers are in a loop. So, right after the number 999,999 comes 000,000.
Yes. The maximum threshold is $400,000. Once the threshold is reached, the next game will be a “must be won” draw. If no one wins the First Division prize during this draw, the jackpot will go to winners of the next division.
Yes. Bullseye prizes have to be claimed within 12 months from the date of the draw for which the ticket was purchased.
Bullseye results from previous draws can be found on the official Lotto New Zealand website or right here on our page.