New Zealand lotteries: review 2020.04.13-19

Hi folks!
Hope you are doing pretty well and had a fantastic week. Just a reminder - many lotteries are available online - so there is no need to leave home. We will do our best to ensure that you are staying updated on all lottery results during this still-uncertain period. But let’s shift to the better news. We will review what was happening in New Zealand last week (13-19 April).


One of the largest and most popular lotteries in New Zealand is traditionally split into three parts: Lotto, Strike! and Powerball. All of them were played across two draws which were live on Wednesday (15 April) and Saturday (18 April).

Differently than last week, all these divisions had jackpot winners - congratulations to the lucky ones! All these victories took place on the Saturday’s draw. In the Lotto division, 5 players won $200k each for 6 correct numbers. Meanwhile, the single jackpot winner in Powerball received $13M - this was the largest win in the lotteries across New Zealand last week. After a long break, Strike! had 1 player who managed to get 4 in the right order and thus laned a jackpot worth $1M. Overall, the last week was impressive - best of luck next time too!


Keno is a lottery which is live daily with the draws taking place 4 times (10 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM and 6 PM) - therefore, players are quite active due to the frequency and difficulty level there. Roughly speaking, this lottery game is quite straight-forward and similar to the game of bingo.

Regarding all Keno results last week, the multiplier of each draw fluctuated from 1.5 to 10. Adding it to the ticket cost extra; also, the odds for each multiplier vary.


During the daily games of Bullseye lottery last week, the lucky numbers were as follows: 675,655, 488,007, 940,922, 916,221, 612,184, 100,105, 162,823. The average result of the lucky number giving the jackpot last week was 556,560. There was a single winner of the jackpot on the Saturday’s draw - this player landed the prize worth $160K!

Even though the market for lotteries is not particularly large in New Zealand, they’re popular due to the format providing safe and nice gambling. As many lotteries are live every day, it is not difficult to find suitable times and locations to participate. Also, these games offer gambling with little or no risk at all - therefore, taking part in them is quite simple. As mentioned above, these lotteries are now available online - so it is a good chance to try yourself.

Congrats to everyone once again. We are excited to see you here next time! Don’t forget to look after yourself and your close ones. Have a great week!

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