New Zealand lotteries: review 2020.03.08-15

Hello everyone!
Even though this week was a tougher one across the world, we still have some great news! Most lotteries can be played without leaving home - so we won’t stop updating and involving you. Some exciting stuff was happening in the lotteries across New Zealand last week (9 March-15 March). We are happy to share them with you.


Traditionally, one of the most popular lotteries in New Zealand is divided into three parts: Lotto, Strike! and Powerball. All of them were presented across two draws which took part on Wednesday (11 March) and Saturday (14 March).

In total, the prize pool of $20,971,609 was delivered last week. 664,381 players won any prize in all sections across both draws. There were 3 jackpot winners at the Lotto division (gaining either $500,000 or $1,000,000 - this depended on the draw where the winner participated). Meanwhile, Powerball had 1 winner of its jackpot worth $7,000,000 - this is a really impressive result! Even though no one won the jackpot on Strike! last week, this prize was transferred to the next one - maybe it is a good opportunity to try this game for someone who have not done this before.

New Zealand lotto: review 2020.03.09-15 Keno

Keno is a lottery ongoing on a daily basis with draws taking place 4 times per day (10 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM and 6 PM) - therefore, players are quite proactive due to the frequency and difficulty level - this game is quite straight-forward and somehow similar to the popular game of bingo.

Summing up all 28 sessions which took part during the last week, the multiplier of each draw was fluctuating from 1.5 to 3. Compared to the week before, this range has reduced as the largest multiplier used to be 5.


During the daily games of Bullseye lottery last week, the lucky numbers for the week of 9 March to 15 March: 625,585, 216,760, 735,421, 309,513, 14,888, 539,223, 657,216. Overall, the average result of this lucky number giving the jackpot last week was 442,658. There were no winners of the jackpot (the best prize) and for the Division 2 (the 2nd best prize) last week. For the Division 3, there were 13 winners who got prizes from $402 to $1310.

Even though the market of popular lotteries in New Zealand is not really large, the format of most of them allow players to gamble and play without any additional struggle or inconvenience to their usual routines. This happens since most lotteries are ongoing every day. Also, since they do offer the methods of gambling containing little or no risk at all, the participation in these draws is quite easy and pleasant to do.

Best wishes to all winners and participants from us once again. Looking forward to updating you next time! Stay safe and have a good week.

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