Keno biggest wins

Since there is a maximum prize fund of $2.5 million for one Keno draw, the biggest wins can only be so big. This means, that if the maximum prize fund is reached, prizes for matching 7 of 7, 8 of 8, 9 of 9 and 10 of 10 must be proportionally reduced so the value does not exceed $2.5 million.

Despite the fact that Keno has a maximum prize fund, there have still been some pretty big wins in history. Here they are:

$1 million in 2018

One lucky player became Keno’s first millionaire winner ever with a single ticket in the year of 2018. No further information of who the winner is or where the ticket was purchased was made public.

$280,000 in March 2018

In the month of March in 2018, a Timaru-based man won a whopping $280,000. Apparently, he only realized that he had won after his mother, who had memorized his ticket numbers, gave him a call. The lucky ticket was purchased from Timaru Discounter.

$250,000 in October 2016

In the month of October 2016, a quarter-million Keno prize was won in Napier. The lucky ticket, which had matched 10 out of 10 chosen numbers, was sold in Hawke’s Bay’s Andrew Spence Pharmacy. This pharmacy was also known to have sold other lucky tickets in the past, including for the twice-weekly Lotto draw

$250,000 in May 2014

In the month of May 2014, one lucky woman from Auckland won a quarter of a million dollars. The lucky ticket was sold at Dawson Superette in Manukau. This was the biggest Keno win of 2014. There have been a lot of other big wins for the Keno game, but, as we mentioned, because of the maximum prize fund the winnings can only be so big. Lots of information about winners has not been made public.

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